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Sit N Cycle
Review Summary
On a daily basis, our bodies need a minimum of thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise, according to most fitness experts. A lot of us are aware of this, and yet fail to get in the required amount of exercise on any given day. Though in theory it should not a lot of time to get in a quick workout, there are many factors that can get in the way; including the fact that, when you factor in the time it takes to change into workout clothes and get yourself set up for the workouts beforehand, the time it takes to shower afterwards, you really need to allow about an hour of time, minimum, each day, in most cases. And, that does not account for any strength training or flatten tummy exercises you may want to include in addition to cardio.

Luckily, a lot of fitness programs and toning tools now exist to attempt to make it easier to get in at least one solid workout every day, without taking up too much time or causing too much confusion. Home exercisers are bound to find an array of workout videos that promise results in under ten minutes, or fitness tools that are said to firm and tone certain parts of the body while you watch television or do other things. The Sit N Cycle is this type of product; a unique device that allows people to get a workout in while they are doing anything that requires sitting down.

The Sit N Cycle appears to be a simple, lightweight machine that is essentially a seat with pedals. The design is basically a stripped down, simplified version of the exercise bikes you may be accustomed to seeing, and what is left is a seat with pedals. There is no backrest, no handle bars, and no display screen to tell you how far you have cycled or how many calories you have burned. The point of the machine seems to be to provide people a way of getting in a workout while doing sedentary every day activities. The commercial shows people watching television, working on the computer, talking on the phone, reading and even knitting while sitting and cycling on the product.

The machine appears to be lightweight enough to transport it to various rooms, even up or down the stairs if need be, so you can change the scenery or store it away. It does not appear to be very tall, so people may be able to use it while sitting at a desk. Customers now have several choices of colors of the Sit N Cycle so that they can possibly find one that blends in with their décor. Currently, the machine is available in blue, pink, black and red, and use of the machine is said to tone the butt, thighs, core and calves.

The Sit N Cycle costs $49.95 at this time, and can be ordered online at the official website or over the phone by contacting the company directly. Currently, the company is offering free shipping on all orders as well. It is said to come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty now, too.

Anyone interested in Sit N Cycle can watch the TV commercial on the official website or on YouTube to find out all of the details about the machine. This commercial provides people with an adequate idea of how the device performs, how it can be used, and how to flatten tummy by doing daily activities and sitting on the cycle to get in a workout. Product orders can now be placed online through the site as well.

Final Facts
Since a lot of people are too busy focused on other responsibilities to head outdoors or to the gym on a regular basis, finding a way to incorporate fitness into your daily lifestyle may be a good option. A machine like the Sit N Cycle is designed to provide people with a way to get in shape, or stay in shape, without causing any disruption to their daily routines. The Sit N Cycle can apparently be pulled up to a desk so people can burn calories and tone their butt, tummy and thighs while checking emails, writing papers, or uploading digital photo albums; or it can be used while letting your mind zone out in front of the television. Having this sort of versatility may appeal to people who are bothered by the fact that they simply do not move around enough on a regular basis. The machine now costs just under $50 and can be ordered online.

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